Friday, 25 May 2012

5 Ways for Using Twitter for Business

When using twitter for business purposes there are certain techniques that you can employ to maximize it usefulness and minimize your efforts. This particular social networking site offers subtle benefits that many marketers still overlook. The key to maximizing what you can gain is how you go about interacting with the other people on twitter. Value can be found not only in proactively marketing something but also in the general 'chatter' of other twitter users.

Here is a look at 5 subtle behavioral approaches you need to adopt when interacting with other people on twitter to help maximize your business gains.

Listen In On Conversations

Learn to listen in on the conversations of other people on twitter to see what they are talking about. What is the current buzz and why is that topic so popular. Also become familiar with using keyword searches on this site to help you 'target' certain topics to find out what other twitter users are saying.

Avoid 24/7 Sales Pitching

Remember that twitter is a social networking site therefore constant sales pitches would likely be unwelcomed. There will be plenty of opportunities to promote yourself or your business but doing this all the time will only make you seem obnoxious to the other people on twitter.

Mix It Up

Your conversations or contributions should not always focus on your business. This will make you predictable and boring to others. Speak about current news and events or comment on trends. By referring to the trending topics on twitter you will never be at a loss for what currently has captured the attention of others.

Do Not Dump Links

Using links in your tweets is a recommended and effective way to capture the attention of other twitter users. When using this approach however avoid the temptation of inserting links without giving others an idea what the link is all about.

Also avoid using links in your tweets too often because you want others to feel when they see a link that it is something 'special' and not just a routine occurrence.

Add Value to Conversations

Treat your participation on Twitter the same as participating in a 'normal' conversation. Do not just 'barge' in but be polite and wait for an opening. When you do participate keep on the topic and do not try to change it to something that may be more self-serving. People will notice when you do this and tend to avoid or ignore your comments in the future since this is viewed, and rightfully so, as rude.

Always strive to add value to any conversation you participate in because others will also notice this and tend to welcome your participation even more.

When using twitter for business purposes there are certain 'techniques' you can employ that will help make your efforts more efficient and productive. Being a social networking site your primary focus will be on developing a comfortable relationship with other twitter users. By adopting some of the 'approaches' we spoke of above you will find by being less 'aggressive' and more tactful with other people on twitter that your gains will be greater. Along the way you are likely to develop friendships that may be of more value to you both personally and professionally as well.

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