Sunday, 27 January 2013

Too Many Late Nights in Front of the Computer Screen?

There's lots of apps etc. online to make our lives that little bit easier. 
     I think it's too harsh to say we have no will power as everyone is different, but I know through bitter experience that late nights/early mornings on the laptop happen all to easy.      We all lead such busy lifestyles now that we need all we can to help us along the way & that's where this new desktop reminder comes in. 
    There are too many times where we find ourselves online far later into the evening than we meant too (cue cursing & getting into bed, looking ta the alarm clock & working out exactly how much sleep we have before work the next/same day)
  We don't mean to, I mean we go online with all the best intentions of "just having half an hour" it just never seems to work out that way. The internet has this way off sucking you in.

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The simplest ideas are the best they say & My Personal Desktop Reminder I would say falls into that category. Simple but yet so so handy. 
    Its visible and audible. One of the six random alarm sounds at your chosen time interval AND a message box pops up on your screen as well,  so it doesn't matter if your volume is turned up or not. 
   The nice touch is that you choose the message that pops up, so you can explain to yourself again exactly why you have to get off the net !!
       It's quite a reassuring thought to know that you will never have another unplanned late night sitting in front of your computer screen.

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