Wednesday, 14 March 2012

7 Vital Techniques of Using Facebook for Marketing Your Business

Using Facebook for marketing is a new concept compared to the other outdated modes of reaching out to the public. The question that bothers many new entrepreneurs is that whether using Facebook for marketing is actually a good idea and if it is; what is the way to start. The answer to the first part of the query is actually very simple. Getting a wide showcase for your business is your first priority. With over a billion users and an audience that ranges from ages 18- 70, there could not be a better platform than Facebook to market your business. Using Facebook for marketing is an excellent way to reach out to a huge audience but you need to know these 7 vital techniques to start on the right foot:

Create a Profile Page

Creating a profile is the first and the most important part of using Facebook for marketing, so put some thought effort and creativity in to it. Ensure that your profile photo speaks volumes about your business. Add as many friends that you can because you need people to spread your network and you may soon start receiving friend requests too (don't forget to accept them). Photos are another great way to improve the experience of using Facebook for marketing, but make sure that they are relevant to the product or business that you are promoting.

Create a Fan Page

Fan page is an excellent tool to add credibility and professionalism to your business. You may need to encourage users to become fans and by doing so you are adding to your future customer base.

Create a Facebook Group

There are many benefits of creating a Facebook group. You can post multiple messages to all members of the group with a single click. Another advantage is that you can engage your group members in any discussions that involve your business and is an easy way to connect with all of them at the same time.

Create Updates

No one wants to visit a Facebook page that is boring and does not have anything new to say. Keep posting updates and do it on a regular basis. Let your friends, fans and group members know something new or interesting about your business with each update that you post on the wall.

Create a Different Landing Page

Don't make the mistake of treating both your new and old members in the same manner, especially while using Facebook for Marketing. Design different landing pages for them. New users should be taken to a page that requests them to 'like' you and let the old members be taken to another landing page; maybe your wall or any other page that holds their maximum attention and interest.

Create an Active Interaction

Don't limit yourself to your page, your wall, your members and your friends. Search for businesses or products that are similar to yours and indulge in some active posting or commenting. This will not only attract attention by other members but also adds a touch of professionalism.

Create an Social Plug-in

You certainly have a blog or website if you are engaged in an online business. Make sure that you link all of your blogs, sites etc with your Facebook page. Add a Facebook button that enables readers of your blog to leave their comments, and this will be displayed on their Facebook update. These updates are visible to their friends too and it is a great way to attract new members or fans.

Using Facebook for Marketing is no doubt still in the beginner stages, but it is up to you to use this fact to your advantage. Start right away and you could build a huge fan base in another 2 / 3 years from now.


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