Sunday, 11 March 2012

Marketing On A Budget

Having traffic to your home business site is crucial to generating the much needed sales. You could have a great product, but if nobody knows about it, then it's all useless. You need to have a good strategy in place to bring the traffic and visitors required, and ultimately sales to your site. You can then reinvest the proceeds back to your home online business to move it to the next level. Remember that the main objective of your home online business is to add value to the consumer. Profit should be a byproduct of that objective. So if you have a great product or service, marketing it properly will lead to traffic that keeps coming back for more.

Marketing involves creating awareness to your website through such things as Search engine optimization, blogging, article writing and advertising

Advertising as a free mode of marketing is generally ignored as many people associate advertising to spending lots of money. However, you can effectively use social media like Twitter and Facebook to reach out to thousands of people without having to spend your money. A well written tweet that goes to thousands of people can lead to a massive inflow of traffic. Forums are a great place to advertise because most of their visitors have similar interests and want to make great posts so that they get noticed or they simply visit to get a solution to their problems. You can also use email marketing to reach out to potential clients.

Traffic from search engines is one of the best longterm sources of visitors as its able to sustain itself without having to spend loads of money. There are two major techniques when it comes to Search engine optimization. This can be divided into: "on-page" SEO and "off-page" SEO.

"On-page" SEO involves getting a target keyword and placing it intelligently on your webpage. It can be placed from your URL, title, description and a number of times in the body of your webpage.

"off-page" SEO on the other hand involves the "reputation" associated with your website. The more links coming from other sites (especially high authority ones), the better. It is more of a longterm strategy rather than a short term one. As such don't be in a hurry to get first page ranking for your keyword. The results over a longterm campaign in proper "off-page" SEO will have tremendous positive results in ranking your site well and bringing a constant flow of the much needed traffic from search engines. Many people give up after a few months of trying and never see the results of their efforts. Don't fall into this trap

The main attributes of "off-page" SEO involve backlinking and anchor text. This is where you have links emanating from other sites with your anchor text. Anchor text can be defined to be the visible text that appears in a hyperlink. The objective is to have as many links as possible to give your keywords the much needed push in search engine ranking.

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