Friday, 24 August 2012

Why Should You Be Using Fiverr?

You might wonder why you should consider using a service like Fiverr to generate income online. The basis of this business model is that you would sell services or products to other people that you would be willing to perform or deliver for only $5 - known in Fiverr-speak as a "gig".Of course, some of the services people offer could be worth far more than $5. The sales model is designed to offer services and products at a price which the majority of people would be willing to pay, and many service providers are willing to do things for $5 that people outside of Fiverr are selling for much higher prices. If you think about it, $5 is actually an ideal price for many services which do not take much time or effort to perform. It also works well for most digital products, like ebooks and audio files, which are cheap to deliver to your buyers. The trick is to find products or services which you can deliver for such a low price. With over 1.3 million page views per day, Fiverr has captured the imagination of a huge market of folk who have discovered just how much they can buy for only $5.It's completely free to sign up for Fiverr - there are no monthly service fees to join this huge group of buyers. However, Fiverr makes its money by keeping $1 of every sale. The result is that you get only $4 profit from each sale you make. However, the huge amount of traffic to the site means that there is a good chance that you will make some sales - especially if you optimize your gigs to be as effective as possible.The reviews on the Fiverr site are completely out of the hands of the seller. This means that positive comments are very important. You need to reduce or eliminate negative comments by supplying an excellent service or product, and delivering it timeously.It's very important to conduct your business in an honest and truthful manner. Be sure to read the Terms of Service and follow the rules. If you try to rip people off or if you represent yourself falsely, Fiverr will permanently close your account and withhold any payments which are due to you.Here are some useful tips for creating your profile on Fiverr:When you select an user name, make it relevant for the products and services you plan to offer. You want it to be friendly and inviting, but still professional.It's vital to use a good picture for your profile. It's usually best to use a photograph of yourself, because it shows customers that they're buying from with a real human being, but you could use an image such as your business logo. It's important to make your Fiverr profile as complete as possible. Make sure that you add at least a few lines of text about yourself or about your Fiverr business. Make it look as if you've spent some time working on it, not just slapped up an account and started listing stuff to sell.

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