Friday, 15 February 2013

How to Get Traffic and Make Money with Facebook Page?

Are you looking to learn how to make money with Facebook page? As we know, establishing a Facebook fan page is an excellent way of connecting your brand with Facebook users, you still need to market it in the same way you'd market your blog or website to drive more traffic to it. The first step in publicizing your page is to update it often with fresh content to keep your existing fans returning and to attract new ones. Each time you publish a new wall post, photo album, or video, this update will be published to your fans' news feed, which is in turn shown in the news feed of their friends. This means that the more active you are on your page, the more your activity will be broadcast to your fans, which will prompt them to visit your page more often.

Also, being visible in their friends' news feed increases the chance that your fans' friends will also Like your page in order to become a fan, and potentially your customers. If they then have a positive interaction with your business, they're more likely to advocate your brand via word of mouth to others within their circle of influence – whether they do this on Facebook or on other platforms.
Besides updating your page often, there are Six Ways you can spread the word about your page to increase traffic and fan base so that you can make money with Facebook page:-

1). Link to it: Link to your page from other online channels you've already established, such as blog, website, Twitter account, or LinkedIn profile. You can also link to your page from personal media such as your e-mail signature or at the end of a PowerPoint presentation document that you feature on your blog or website.

2). Email people about it: Send an email to people you're already connected with, such as your Facebook friends, email contacts, and business partners, telling them about your page. In the email, mention how they can benefit from Liking your page to become a fan, but don't be too pushy.

3). Use Twitter: Whenever you create and upload new content to your page, write a Twitter update about it that contains a link to your page. Remember to adjust your settings so that your activity on twitter is automatically pulled through into your page.

4). Acknowledge new fans: When someone Likes your page, or when an existing fan posts on your wall, acknowledge him or her by posting a message on the fan's wall.

5). Use Facebook advertising: Consider buying Facebook advertising to promote your page by signing up at

6). Leverage real-life events: If you're planning an event related to your business, use Facebook's events application to invite your fans to attend. When they RSVP, this action will be published in their news feed, which can be seen by their friends as well, thereby creating further exposure for your page.
At the same time, however, it's important to get the balance right between keeping your content fresh and not updating too frequently so that your fans become inundated with your brand name in their news feed. As a general rule, updating your page's content once a week should strike a good balance between the two. A final reminder – remember if you want to make money with Facebook page, you need to add new content that's interesting and/or adds value for your fans.

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