Wednesday, 27 February 2013

4 Tips to Double Your Online Productivity

Developing a prosperous online business has a price!! Still, this doesn't mean that you always have to sacrifice something, but rather to get the capacity to think & act efficiently.
More specifically,to be efficient means to use all the resources you have in the best way you can..Your home business is like travelling on a new road. This "trip" consists of time, energy, new skills and money.
A very important resource available is TIME. How you use it decides your results. Also, how we spend every day influences our business's quality .
As a result of my past experiences I have synthesized 4 tips to double your online productivity:
1.Define targets and an plan of action
Without goals you are like a ship that floats without direction! You don't know where to go. Not likely to get where you want!Set practical goals with deadlines for any of them. After that, divide them into smaller tasks: daily and weekly.
The objectives succeed only when they are introduced into a plan of action. Ussually, I write in my agenda every day,the priorities and then the things that can delayed.
Clearly,there are interruptions that you can't eliminate. However,do your best to respect your schedule ,to persevere and make improvements to it.
Another thing that I made several times was to begin a task and then begin another one. It's a big waste of time because you don't complete none on time without doing something valuable. The best solution is to create routines regardless of what you do: writing articles,prospecting,commenting on other blogs and etc.
2. Prevent interruptions and distractions at any cost.
This is the first enemy of your online productivity. First there are the distractions generated by others: family, friends, phone calls, etc. After that ,there are those caused by yourself.
When you start out a task bear in mind that you are 100% involved to complete it. I'm not saying you should not do anything at all besides business but don't allow anything have an effect on you: invitations to a cocktail, parties, chatting on facebook, surfing on some websites for nothing,watching tv or checking emails. This way your energy is wasted on unimportant things and the results are- actually zero-

3.Totally focus on what's actually important
Working an online MLM business requires three types of activities: lead generation, prospecting and understanding new marketing skills. Make sure that you invest time in all of them.
For the first task you can write an article, a blogpost,shoot a video etc. and at the second you can contact your leads or prospect on Facebook.
For learning new stuff I make time for about one hour every day. It is important to have fresh information that you can implement immediately. By doing this,your online productivity will grow each day.
4. Take care of yourself
The productivity also is dependent on a rational lifestyle. If you work 19 hours from 24 do you think this will bring you more money? Absolutely no!
Your prosperity lies in a healthy life first of all. Don't forget,work smarter not harder!
Take some time for sport , eating, resting and especially for your MIND. 30 minutes of physical exercises are very good! You will be filled with energy,fresh and completely ready for business.This thing actually gets results!I apply it myself!
Drink lots of fluids for hydration and eat as healthy as possible. NO FAST FOOD
Last but not least rest well and protect your mind because everything you see in your life comes from there. Personal development is something that every leader looks after.30 minutes a day are enough for you to cultivate a mindset that will drive you to success.
These are the four tips which will grow your online productivity if you implement them constantly.

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