Sunday, 10 March 2013

Top 5 Affiliate Program Marketing Tips

Congratulations on making the decision to become involved in affiliate marketing!
The most difficult part of the home based business process if finding out what type of work you want to do, and affiliate marketing has proven itself to be a viable option for thousands of people across the globe.
You may feel overwhelmed with information in the beginning, but there are a few main things you should focus on as you're preparing to launch your first campaign. Here are the 5 tips that helped me the most as I launched my first affiliate marketing project.
Choose a product or subject you are familiar with. While a product may be popular and successful, the less familiar you are with the subject matter the less likely you are to make money within that niche. You'll end up spending more time on research than you'll spend marketing. Stick with what you know and the rest will come easily.
Build a strong content site. One of the most popular phrases online is "content is king," and it's the truth. Building a website full of articles about the product you are trying to promote will make you appear as though you are a knowledgeable authority. People will trust you more and, as a result, will be more likely to make a purchase from you.
Avoid overusing banners. Banners may seem like a great advertising tool, but they're not. Banners scream "advertisement" and most people try to avoid advertisements at all costs. If you must advertise, you're better off with a small text ad or blurb on another website or blog. Besides, most banners look ugly and unprofessional - you don't want to attach that sort of stigma to your business.
Explore different affiliate networks. Just because someone you know is experiencing success with a certain affiliate network or merchant program does not mean you will. As a matter of fact, in most cases your success has nothing to do with the reputation of the affiliate network, but has everything to do with the amount of effort you put forth. Explore a handful of different networks and incorporate products from each into your campaigns. Ignore those who complain that they're not getting paid enough - they're probably not working very hard.
Conduct thorough research and educate yourself. Don't just choose a niche or product because it sounds interesting. Take some time to do a little bit of keyword research and determine what is popular and what is not. Look at other affiliate sites and determine what is making them successful. Try to determine if there is a niche that is yet untapped that you can take advantage of.
Remember, affiliate marketing is not easy, but it can be incredibly lucrative if you're willing to put some time and effort into your campaign right from the start. Feel free to leave comments with questions or to share your most recent affiliate marketing experiences. I'd love to hear from you!
Happy Affiliate Marketing


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