Thursday, 9 July 2015

This is The Real Deal

Hi guys (& gals),
      I hope you are all ok. The sun's shining here in the Uk, which as you know makes a nice change. I wanted to post a personal note to you all as I the most common question I get asked is "Can anyone really make money online?"  I can totally understand why some people would think it's some made up dream or a conspiracy that only a few chosen "special ones" can do it & I believe the reason people are sceptical is because there are so many people out there tyring to sell "Get Rich Quick" schemes, making promises which they know & I know do not work, Don't get me wrong, they do make money but only for the person selling them. So in that respect they ARE making money online!

     Obviously I don't know you all personally, I don't know your work ethics or mindsets & I do believe that some of the stuff you may have tried didn't work because you gave up after a couple of months. I certainly don't blame you for that, I blame the sellers that made you believe you would be RICH in weeks or even days, maybe instantly. Trust me there is no magic "Press here for money to appear" button.

     I earn money online but I 'm still learning, the same as you & I wanted to introduce you to a guy I met online. His name is Kyle & along with his business partner Carson he runs "Wealthy Affiliate" as with anything in the niche we love so much I was sceptical but, & I don't say this often, I was very very impressed with what he has achieved with this site.

    I will mention first that this a FREE site & for free Kyle & Carson will teach you right from the beginning how to set up a website, SEO, Keywords, Affiliation the list goes on. The whole Wealthy Affiliate site is a total library of tools you will need & has a great community feel to it. So if you get stuck , need help, have a question or anything at all you will get an answer from other people in the same situation as you. You will even get to chat to Kyle himself.

 It would appear that Kyle & Carson having made fortunes themselves have now dedicated their business to helping YOU.

  You have the option to go premium & upgrade after the first ten lessons, but even if you choose not too you can still continue with your new online business & still get help as & when you need it.

 You are never alone that's the fantastic part I think.

  Click here to see the site  & sign up for a free account. Even if you do nothing else, I would strongly recommend taking a look.

  I honestly don't believe you will get a better platform to teach you how to make money online.

  Take care, stay safe & enjoy,

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