Sunday, 19 July 2015

Making Money Using Clickbank – Where Do I Start?

Clickbank is probably one of the best known affiliate programs online. But you’ve signed up with them & now you don’t really understand the site or know what to do to start making money. (If you haven’t yet joined their affiliate program, you can by clicking here)

Your first thought is maybe to promote as many products as you can, more products equals more chance of profit right? As I mentioned in a previous post, Wrong!

Before we get into the promoting products side of it, let’s just look at Clickbank & see what everything means.

Looking at the image above, we have signed in & clicked on the “Marketplace” tab at the top of the page. This then brings up a list of all the niche categories. if we click on one of those it will then bring up a list of sub-categories relevant to that niche (see image below)

For this example I am clicking on “Mens Health” I am then going to click on the advanced search option at the top of the screen….

By clicking advanced search, it will enable us to narrow down our search so we can find the best products for us to promote.

Take a look at the screenshot below. You will see that I have ticked some options for our search.

Let me explain why I have selected to search around these parameters:

“Gravity” – If you searched google on the term Clickbank Gravity, you will find a lot of views, explanations & opinions on it, everyone being different.

It’s not unusual for a product on clickbank to show a gravity of 161.10, this means that 161 affiliates have sold at least ONE in the last month BUT one could mean one affiliate has sold 1000 units.

So it’s a very unclear piece of information. I always choose a gravity of under 100. But I would eliminate a product that showed a really LOW gravity say 12 when we go through the results.

The other two parameters I have ticked & altered are the intial sale in $ & the average sale in $. They are just averages I like to use.

The last parameter I tick is “Vendor has affiliate tool page available” that means that we are able to get Banners, pre-written emails, sometimes tweets all ready for us to use on our website or email to our email list (if we have one)

Depending on how you intend to promote the product, you may not need affiliate tools, but I want to be able to get banners/ads so I always choose this one.

Right, so let’s see what products our search returns.

Majority of results appear to be selling Male Enlargement Products (it’s now I wish I’d chosen a different niche as an example) But we shall carry on regardless, we’re all adults here right?

This was the top result (I chose to sort results by gravity high to low) & you will see we have gravity of 57.65, an average sale of $36.61 & it shows an average rebill of $36.53 so this means that we have the chance of a recurring income if the customers continues to subscribe (not all products offer a rebill option)

I have highlighted some text under the product description which reads This is exactly what we are looking for, this is the page where we get our banners etc. (our affiliate tools)

If we go to that page now……

I have scrolled right down to the bottom, that is usually where you will need to go if you can’t see the tools on the page. We need to click on “Or Skip Registration” (see arrows) you can fill in the info in the box above if you like, but that’s usually just a way of them getting your email address so you go on their mailing list.

By clicking there we are greeted with our tools page & as you scroll down you will see Banners, Email Swipes there are even three promotional videos you can use. It all depends how you wish to promote this particular product.

Now the MOST important thing is your “Affiliate Link” & you will find it on the tools page (see below)

Without this link you wont be getting any commission AND where it says CLICKBANK ID within that link (URL) you MUST REMEMBER to insert YOUR Clickbank ID. So if your ID (this is the username you chose when you first signed up to Clickbank) was ABC123, you affiliate link would be ” ” Without your code inserted Clickbank will not know whose link got the sale you see.

How you promote your product is totally upto you & you will find subjects like that in a variety of posts on my website. The banners can sit on your website Or you can place them on other peoples websites (see post)

On all Affiliate Tool pages you will see HTML code under the supplied banners, you simply paste this code onto your website NOT FORGETTING TO INSERT YOUR CLICKBANK ID !

OR you could right click on the banner, “save image as” & then use the image that way. When you use it on your site or use it as an advert on someone elses, just link it to your affiliate code URL.

I hope this explains the basic outline of Clickbank for you & how you can alter the search & find the products & codes you need.

As always feel free to leave comments below & let everyone else know how you are getting on.

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